About Us

Our Structure and Operations

Sankat Mochan Samiti (“SMS”) was incorporated in the year 2008 . At present the association has following places of gathering and carrying out the association’s activities. SMS currently operates through Sankat Mochan Kendra and a work in progress project location we call as Sankat Mochan INdian Cultural Centre(SMICC).

We have established a few branches and sub groups with specific terms of references to focus on their respective activities . These include Sankat Mochan Youth Group(“SMYG”) , Sankat Mochan Seniors Group(“SMSG”) and HUM TUM – Respectful Relationships(“HUMTUM”). All these branches operate on the guidance of the SMS Executive Committee of Management (“SMS ECM”) and report into ‘SMS ECM’ for all purposes.

Sankat Mochan Kendra (SMK) This is our present place of gathering. It is located near Railway Station, Huntingdale, VIC . It consist of a Hindu Temple , a community hall and a community kitchen. The SMK is a home away from home for new migrants from India and runs many programs to help the newly arrived students and migrants in settling and assimilating in a new country including “Free Feast for all” at SMK on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Sankat Mochan Indian Cultural Centre(“SMICC”)

It is a new project that is in progress for the community . 

Located at Oakleigh South, VIC , It will be a symbol of multicultural unity in diversity .  It will consist of place of worship , community Kitchen and community hall .

Youth Group – Energetic today and responsible tomorrow 

Positive ageing and respectful living

HUM TUM – Respectful Relationships

Our Mission

The “Sankat Mochan Samiti” (SMS) is a non political and a not for profit organisation with the aim to provide physical, spiritual and moral assistance to people and community in critical need.


Working with and for community to create peace and harmony


The association will promote and foster educational aspect of cultural heritage to support and work with its younger generation. Newly arrived individuals & families and also senior members for better understanding of values and beliefs and to live harmoniously in the multicultural environment in Australia.

Long Term Goal

To facilitate and promote SMS activities there is a need to establis SANKAT MOCHAN KENDRA (Centre)


To achieve its objective SMS will be involved in the following activities:-