Sankat Mochan Seniors Group

Sankat Mochan Seniors Group

Sankat Mochan Samiti (SMS) has a sub group/branch of operation with a focus to support and encourage the senior members of the community to lead a happy, healthy and peaceful life by providing the platform for spirituality, social welfare and socialisation.

The volunteers helping SMS with this program are called ‘Sankat Mochan Senior Group’ (“SMSG”)

Postive ageing for all

Any senior citizen of all communities may request SMSG for assistance . 

Sankat Mochan Senior Group (SMSG) organises periodic  meetings and excursions, The group talks , laughs and enjoy the meetings . 

The SMSG team organises lunch and lectures/discussion on the aspects of healthy ageing, keeping well, nutrition,  as well as generation gaps, elder abuse and isolation etc

Spiritual ageing

SMSG organises events like Bhajan Sandhya, spiritual discourses and special lectures. Learning
meditation and yoga for health and wellbeing is also planned as an activity of the SMSG. 

SMSG arranges visits of learned spiritual leaders and saints on the advice of any of its member for the
benefit of the community

Social ageing

Socialisation is an integral part of the activities of the SMSG. It organises regular get togethers where seniors from all communities  meet and chat over a cup of tea/lunch/dinner. As part of knowledge sharing
members share the knowledge/skills they have with all age groups

SMSG organises activities to provide moral and physical assistance to the members of SMSG.
Where appropriate these activities are directed towards the community in general


To achieve its objective SMS will be involved in the following activities:-