Sankat Mochan Youth Group

Sankat Mochan Youth Group

Sankat Mochan Samiti (“SMS”) initiated a branch program in the year 2012 with a focus to help families in critical need and help newly arrived migrants into Australia and help them adopt a healthy Australian way of Life. The program is implemented with the help of our volunteers we call “Sankat Mochan Youth Group”  (“SMYG”)  

Help Newly Arrived

SMS is committed to help the newly arrived students and migrants in settling and assimilating in a new country. We help them to integrate in the Australian culture by providing the information about the welfare services available particularly for women and children. 

They are encouraged and involved in volunteering opportunities which encourage them to socialize with other people.

Our SMYG engage children to participate in the educational and cultural programs offered by SMS.

SMS also provides free cooked food to the community including the newly migrants’ families and students in need and even helps the needy with grocery items

Help Families in Critical Needs

SMS believes that critical needs are the situations where wealth and prosperity cannot acquire the relief, knowledge and wisdom fail to provide the solutions and the strength. Power and influence cannot overcome the problem. 

In these situations when one is close to dear & near ones, a feeling of self-confidence guides through the difficult and challenging times. 

SMYG provides a strong bonding through SMYG and provide a home away from home. 

SMYG  tries to build the self-esteem of the people by providing moral support giving the feeling that they are not alone.

Help in difficult times

SMS also has a team of people trained in the Chaplaincy Services. These people do the hospital/home visits on a regular basis and also in special cases where people are in Palliative Care. Various hospitals have also got the list of these people and call them as required. 

At the time of family calamities such as serious illness and during the grieving period of the families, 

Long Term Goal

To facilitate and promote SMS activities there is a need to establis SANKAT MOCHAN KENDRA (Centre)


To achieve its objective SMS will be involved in the following activities:-