Hanuman Chalisa – A Blissful Journey of Meditational Chanting

HanumanJi …We often hear people say “Pray and you can achieve anything”. When we encounter the extreme situations, where all the wealth of the world cannot buy us a relief, health, power and strength cannot assist, and wisdom cannot provide any solutions, then only elucidation left for us is – to pray. The prayers in extreme distress give us strength and willpower to face the calamities.

The Hanuman Chalisa, a Siddha Grantha composed by Saint Tulsidas is a beautiful example of powerful and extremely popular prayer. It has the strength of Siddha mantra, which when chanted with devotion and faith can bestow siddhis or special divine powers and unsurpassable feelings of bliss and attainments..

Hanuman Chalisa (Forty verses describing the achievements, powers and glories in praise of Hanuman) is enormously popular amongst the present generation people who believe in faithful service of mankind without any reservations. It is the story of God and His love for humanity. The story and service of Shri Hanuman is Eternal throughout the whole world.

Every verse of Hanuman Chalisa when recited and chanted inspires to remove difficulties from our lives. The more this Chalisa is recited, the more beneficial it becomes. It has the strength to remove suffering, heal sicknesses, give happiness and rid of all calamities. Hanuman the monkey God assisted (ultimate in human qualities and personified God) Ram, during his extremely difficult period (Sankat) of Banvas to retrieve Sita ji and kill the demon King Ravana. He is therefore also known as Sankat Mochan (Saviour in extreme calamities).

Sankat Mochan Samiti is committed to provide spiritual, moral and physical support to individuals, families and communities in critical needs. The devotional prayers inspire devotees to gain physical strength, moral lift and spiritual satisfaction to prepare them to face these extreme situations and also to assist others to achieve the same